My body my cage / By Larbi Houmaidi

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My body my cage


A glance of a twitch (intifada)

A dark image

In a room of dreams

No fixed light

On shadows

I’m standing on a stage


I dust off the dust

From yesterday’s shirt

A confined mind

By the whip of desire

It’s hard to infiltrate the unknown

Pain, dilemma and pleasure,

Rhythm and rhyme of heart beats.

Nothing is written on papers

on body

These are soul wounds

Which Became ink.

I fight for freedom

Freedom of mind

Not through choice


Through the existence of a voice.

Inside the body

I refuse slavery,


My body is a locked cage

My soul is a bird

Leading me to


To brake through the delusion

And To brake free from chains of fear

On my path of freedom.

sailing boat,

A promise of suffering

A moment

Outside of the room

From darkness of oneself

Flower of the wild

Playing with petals of light


as tiny splinters

On papers.


that chased me

Several decades,

With hostility, they flourished

Hostility of servitude

self – servitude.


Larbi [email protected]

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