Jerry Langdon

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From South-Western, Michigan, Jerry Langdon lives in Germany since 1992 after spending 8 years in the Army. He is an Artist and Poet. His works bathe in a darker side of emotion and fantasy. He has released 4 books of Poetry titled « Temperate Darkness“, „Behind The Twilight Veil ». « The Rollercoaster Heart » and Death and Other Cold Things »

He publishes a monthly E-Zine in pdf format called Raven Cage Zine which is purposely in that form to allow it as free distribution. Raven Cage is broke down in to Sections making its content diverse.

You can Visit Jerry’s personal page where you can find his Art and writings.

and his Zine at:

His poetic inspirations are derived from poets such as Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, as well as from various Rock Bands. His apparently twisted mind twists and intertwines fantasy with reality.


We must hunt for a breath of fresh air,
Trying to capture what was once everywhere.
We seek peace in a horde of wars.
Expecting to find freedom behind barricaded doors.
Then we wonder why we suffocate in incarceration.
Sinking ever deeper in desperation.
Paying good silver for boots of lead
That anchor us until we’re dead.
Wretchedly wrestling to gain ground;
Always another obstacle to get around.
Human nature and a bulldozer are the same.
Taking out with a tank, giving a stone the blame.
Breaking the bank while peace is free.
Worry about you, I’ll worry about me.
© Jerry Langdon 2019


Who Is Haunting Who?

I place space between my words.

Space for my black heart;

Where naught disturbs

But the ghosts tearing me apart.

I leave skeletal space;

‘Tis a decrepit ribcage

That locks me to this place

To bleed ‘pon this page.

My spectral hauntings.

Every last pain.

These shadowed tauntings

Whom I blame

For the darkness I be.

Hiding between Love and happiness;

Ever possessing me.

My true me I must confess.

‘Tis a question unanswered.

Who is haunting who?

Somewhere betwixt each word.

Who is taunting who?

© Jerry Langdon all rights reserved 2017



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