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Take your time..
To discover the hidden shadows of your lights ..
Take your time..
To hide arid emotions ..
To dazzle the eyes of the monster hidden in the caves of your (me) ..
To tear off the harmful weeds from your land of mirage and illusions ..
* * *
Take your time..
For your time ..
So that the angels will visit your dark light, bursting with unusual perfume ..
For your dream oasis,
Your blood of young plants absorbing the wells of pain and sorrow,
Your little word to say that there are things forgotten and buried, seeking the sensation of thirst,
Sprinkling the secret of years folded in the book of anxieties ..
* * *
Take your time..
For your time ..
To discover the thirsty love forest ..


Written by
Mourad HARKAT © ®
Ouled Djellal, Algeria
The 02 December 2019

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