Ana Dudić

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Ana Dudić

At this moment they are

The buns of my pain

Overhangs over the temple

Where love and forgiveness guest

And they are untouchable in holiness

Of its existence

I wander the sky

To make my pain dilute with thought

At a height where it thickens and drops

Over the crucifix in the holy temple

And I see love, just love,

A tearful tear was clogged in front of the temple

Forever left

The pain is still dripping over the crucifix,

With my hand I hold my heart, bare, in truth,

And I play, I play existence

And love in the heavenly meadow

Don’t come any closer

You dear man of my pain

Jet, this spring is Magnolia, the beauty queen

In hands that trembled with uncertainty

She dropped her flowers

In which I recognized life

And now that hand holds the heart, bare, in truth

Full of love

And we look together

That drop of pain

What else moistens the crucifix holy

And the echo of our voices

It bounces about the blue of the sky

And it collects around a drop of pain

The Holy Temple,

And the smell, the smell of jasmine

Somewhere bring that heavenly blue …

I was fascinated …


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