Haris Hondjo

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In Memoriam

Haris Hondjo was  born in Sarajevo, Bosna Hetzegovina. When Yugislavian war started he was just a youngster, 24 year old boy. He was studing at university and has his own music group. He was not made for war, he was not able even to protect himself not understanding evil in humans. He died as a civil victim of war, refused arms and killing.

Years after his mother got courage to open a drawer of his table and found a notebook full of excellent poems. He wrote deep thoughts of young man who got lost in human craziness.  This is the tribute to this young man and his courageous mother


Bosnian mixed blood


I can not go to east

I cannot go to west

Forbidden to go to north

Forbidden to go to south..


The ground doesn’t want me

The sky doesn’t  want me neither

The rivers reject me

The seas the same…


Oh crazy world, tell me now

In this divided  land of Bosnia

Is there any place for me

Made of flesh and blood

Of your ground?


Haris Hondjo

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