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Nedeljko Terzic (Serbia)




Modern techology is trying in every possible way all what a man creates to transform into ordinary  goods, to degrade the values, to emphasize its mental sense and to destroy the human soul. For a conflict always are enough only two men.  One man  has created beauty  that remained into unbreakable bonds with nature, and another man has created the heartless technology of force and power  which is against the nature. The forces are always against the beauty, as well.

The communication with poetry can be done via internet, but the question is if it  should be done? It is the communication with a device, function of which cannot

be realize without supply of some other energy which will feed it. Poetry is fed by

emotions from the human soul. In the modern informatic era Poetry shoud  preserve its being.

A book is  the being (essence) of  Poetry.

The book needs only the man energy and it will always be alive. All the other forms, fast communication in particular, with readers as the internet is, are unsure and uncertain like the artificial insemination. In a system of information the Poetry arrives  as fast as  lightning like an ordinary banal goods to a market desk, nicely packed, without any charm and beauty and it easily disappears as it has never existed before. Without any taste and its special smell of letters and paper.

It is necessary to set in motion  following  road maps, signs and directions pointed out by Poets.

„Poetry for better life until we keep watch over a sweetness of the sea“ – says Saint-John Perse, the french Nobel Prize recepient in one of his verses from 1960th. The seas are the symbols connecting lands, people, life, arts. It means that we  must keep vigil  and  be watchful over  the destiny of Poetry.  Internet, infor- matics, contemporary technologies are like a huge insatiable dragons, swollowing everithing in front od them and  serving all of us  according to their recipe. They will accept Poetry and then they will take it away in front of our views by the speed of light.

Poetry reserved the road for itself a long time ago but something always comes up there to turn it off the road or completely destroy it. The same also does the modern society which is hungry of  the new technology and hazardous challenges.


The book is a form  of  Poetry  travelling through the time.

Therefore the importance should not be given to the new speed offered to us by the tnformatics because it is one more poorly built bridge according to those  ones that already exist, about which also talks the verse of Ivo Andric – the Serbian Nobel Prize recepient in 1961. who worns: „Don’t destroy all the bridges, perhaps you will come back“. That is to say that  Poetry has roads, its bridge through the book for rather long time and therefore we must not let anything else to harm the book. We need to dream over the open book so that its open pages as the wide spread wings of bird carry us  to endless dreams. One must not give  up even of fear that the modern technology is powerful very much which  the skilled, kunning and powerful world cooks create as an artificial speech of words comming out  of the plastic mass and metal. Where is here the matter called sensibility?

Poetry is the specificity of the Universe.

Poetry is the only emotive voice of  the man’s sanity.

Against the new hostile technologies we cannot oppose with common words, ordinaty speech; we should further and always talk with lofty language od Poetry and in such way even the super-technologies will be  defeated.

Is the modern informatics hazard for poetry? Yes, it is.  Can Poetry be destroyd by the modern informatics? No, it can’t. First it should be able to create it to get to know how to destroy it.

Artificial creations do not speak the language of poetry.

Poets know that.

Poets are prophets.

The prophets have always been poets.

It is wonderful  to live with Poetry.

We write Poetry, it meams we exist.

As soon as we exist, we will write Poetry.

To her Majesty Poetry the queen of arts, it is honourable and lofty to be a servant.



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