Annie Johnson

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Love and Loneliness
When depth of love is shrouded by loneliness,
What window of the soul opening out on the world
Lets fly the doves of sweetness on wings of LIGHT
To carry the innocent longings of the aching heart
To heights of un-imagined moments of passion?
What sparkling eyes in silence, rests on the brightness
Of love without experiencing the wonder of it?
When desire to know the undying passion of love
Hesitates deep in the vaults of quiet reticence,
Unable to speak for its heart’s own easement,
Then must seek a place to hide its agony.
Star charts, galaxies, planets and nebulae
All harbor the essence of undying sighs
Since the beginning of love’s awakening
In the timeless gardens of earthly delights
On the hand-holding benches of time.
Loneliness exists when passion is held in check
And where longing and love are not loosed
Upon the waters of time like fishing nets
To come back to the shore of reality
Filled with so much love, it over-flows
In timeless waves of contrition, dispelling
Heartaches and stuffing the crannies of loneliness
With all manner of passion’s fiery waywardness.
Annie Johnson© All rights reserved.

Annie Johnson is 82 years old. She has been writing poetry since she was 14 years old. She is Native American of the Shawnee Tribe. She has written and published two, six hundred-page novels and four books of poetry, now on Amazon. Annie is a world class quilt designer and quilter with many awards for her fine quilting stitch. Annie has won several poetry awards from prestigious world poetry organizations, including, World Union of Poets, she is a member of World Nations Writers Union, has received the World Institute for Peace award, the Ambassador de Literature award from Motivational Strips, the World Laureate of Literature from World Nations Writers Union and the Global Literature Guardian Award from Motivational Strips. She just received a Certificate and Medal in recognition of the highest literature from International Literary Union for the year 2020, from Ayad Al Baldawi, President of the International Literary Union. Annie won a place in 77 winners out of 3000 entrants from 78 countries, in the Naji Naaman Literary Prizes for the Poetry Yearbook of 2020. Annie lives in the State of Indiana, USA, in the same house she moved into when she married her late husband, 58 years ago. She has a son, two daughters, two grandchildren, and two sons-in-law and six cats. One daughter and her husband moved in with her after her husband lost his sight two years before his death. She enjoys cooking, reading poetry, and writing poetry. Annie played a silver flute in the University Symphony for three years, on a music scholarship and still plays her flute.

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