sihem chetif ( TUNISIA)

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The  peril  in  a  shelter

Winter leaped with wide  steps

It never knows that my  house is very far

That I am  banished  from  my  country

Out  of  a heinous  war

Winter  came, I am in a shelter

Ah ferocious  winter

How can A child endure

The scourge of frost and hunger?

That   sounds like a   worn  plea

people  got used  to seeing

The plight  of  a child refugee

Winter came in its cloth of cold,

Paying no heed to who lives here,

The homeless, the weak, and the old

And those who are chased by fear.

No roof to beat the frost

No wall to shield the wind.

Just a nylon tent  upon a floor of sand

A  little child  drenched  and hungry

Needing help urgently

Pain,  pandemic, cold, and  hunger

Together   they  weep, it feels  no good

just people repeat the story of a lost childhood


(picture credited to the owner) sihem chetif. January 2021

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