Stefania Miola

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I look out. Just small certainties.
The innocence of the sky,
The simplicity of the earth to grow life
The sparkling air that kisses my face,
the chirping of the solitary sparrows that greet me with the usual beat of wings.
I know they have peeked into my dreams.
They say that dreams are desires.
There are those who affirm by being far away that fire does not give neither light nor heat. They say that the world is going crazy that there is no more religion
They say that everyone needs their own living space
They say that there are no more seasons (of the heart)
In my world spring has paralysis, fire illuminates without burning everything,
My space is microscopic and immense.
It dominates an inexhaustible force that I call God but only by intelligibility

They say that when you close a door I open another door
Grandmother was right.

They say that some trains pass only once
Sometimes I got lost at the station.
I walked barefoot along the train tracks

Sometimes I followed the stream jumping here and there on the stones

I slipped sometimes
I fell into the water sometimes
I hit the stones sometimes
I waited invain sometimes
I waited for the unexpected.

Three drops of rain from the sky
two violets flowers in the middle of the barren earth
a seed that is sprouting inside unexpected and sweet.
Only small great certainties.

is an eccentric and multifaceted writer passionate about art in all its many expressions. She defines herself as a truth seeker. He lives with his family in a small town on the outskirts of Turin – Italy. She has always loved reading the soul of art and giving voice to the soul through the words of her narration. She is mainly interested in the relationship between art and spirit following a dynamic path that embraces multiple disciplines: psychology, philosophy, spirituality, well-being. Fascinated by direct confrontation, she prefers the form of observation and artist / work dialogue as an opportunity for inner enrichment.

2020 member of the World’s Nation Writers Union

Since 2015, three books have been published:

One sky the only true one – 2015 :
Internationally award city of Florence Pictura et Poesis 2017 Italy
First classification literary International contest. ” Lose yourself in Love ” Centre Study for arts and literary Atlantis – Italy 2020
Second classification National Literary contest city of Ascoli – Italy 2019

Violets in the desert – 2018. Presented at the Turin International Book Fair of Turin city – Italy
The scent of the white rabbit – 2019 presented at the Turin International Book Fair of Turin city – Italy

Many poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses:

 World poetry day 100 thousand poets for change Rome 2018
 World poetry day 100 thousand poets for change Rome 2017
 World poetry day 100 thousands poets for change Rome 2019
 Festival of two parks 2017
 Reflections 2014
Words under tree 2018 e 2019
 Anthology Emotions poetry 2019 e 2020
 Poetry 2018- 150 poets in anthology
 Poetry 2019 _150 poets in anthology
 Ten drops of author 2017
 The modernism – anthology Ezra Pound ediz. 2018
 Skin do not forget 2018
 Where the bird song is lost 2020
 Poetic voices for Alda Merini 2020

 In 2020 I signed the preface of an important catalog of Contemporary Art artist Pino Cannata’.

Mention of merit International award “ voice for Alda Merini” with the poem :” flower that standing out of the grain ” 2020

First classification award National literary contest Emotions 2020 with the poem:
“The ring of life”

Fourth classification – literary national contest dedicate Italian poet Leopardi with poem “Like a prayer” 2020

Critical award _ Association Eternal with the poem “Carillon”2019
Award Emotions 2019 literary contest – Words under tree – with the poem “ a divine children”

Award “best poetry”- writers Festival Cape Comorin India 2020 with translation poem “shim”

Critical analysis Dr Jawaz Jaffri Lahore

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