Departure time ©®Mili Das

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Departure time
©®Mili Das

One day I came in this world
I set out my journey from a beautiful point.
My city was too much crowded
Yet it was a green harbour to me,
I feel it with poetry.
At the end of my journey
I reminiscing those victories of my life,that charmed me most of the time.
At the end of my journey
i reminiscing those stars whom
I met closely yet they were in my dream.
I can feel the universal love.
I can feel my hubby and my beautiful child.
I can feel my friends.
I am returning my own home
from where I have came.
I can feel still my soul is bound with my family.
All the birds sing.
Animals are crying
Grass is not growing today.
I can feel my time has-been come.
All of my work has-been done
It was a long journey
Departure time has-been come.

Mili Das
Kolkata( India=

Name-Mili Das
[email protected]
Mobile number:9163033995
Father’s Name:Chitta ranjan Das
Mother’s name:Shanta rani Das
Adress:210b/1d,k.c ghosh road, kolkata -50
Academic qualification: Graduate in English
Place of birth:Bongaon
Language known: Bengali,Hindi,English
Mother tongue: Bengali
Marital status: Married
Interest:Explore myself,interacting with different types of people,
listening soft romantic music.
Hobbies:writing, cooking
Books:2 Bengali poetry book
« Apekkha Karchhi Bandi kafine »
« Rajbhabaner samne »
English poetry book
« You are still there »
Strength:Polite,self aware,always motivate myself,i am the inspiration of myself,seeking how to learn different things.
Siblings:One brother

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