Dijana Uherek Stevanović, Serbia

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As the hours go by,

and the sun sets

into the abyss of the west,

begins to uncover memories

from books read,

I take it out of them

all smile

trapped in the chaos of life.

I read what is written between the lines

of all unread books

in which they hide

secrets of life.

As a child,

I believed

that there is a book

in which it is located

a recipe for a happy life.

I’m still looking for her today,

I’m trying

to write such a book.

I’m not giving up,

I’m going to write a book that destroys poverty…


Dijana Uherek Stevanović, Serbia


Amb. Prof. Dr. Diјana Uherek Stevanović, born in Yugoslavia, Croatia, now lives and works in Serbia. She has published 12 books and her poems have been published in over 200 collections and anthologies. He is the president of the Association of Balkan Artists, which has organized over 100 literary events, several of which were for humanitarian purposes, intended for children with cancer, as well as in the Stop Violence actions.

He has won over 100 awards for his work.

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