Professor dr Sladjana Milenkovic

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Sails the seas even today enchanted by waves of blue and white

the sky takes him home and the song of mermaids forever

reveals all the secrets

while to the sorceress Calypso his memory is slave


the past is not to be changed so just get off

leave the shore of distant memory and aniticipate


sense the Nausika’s ball on the shore of laughter and deliverance

an endless story at the court of King Alcino and a stranger

a stranger who does not want to return home

his memory still is slave

while he is sailing enchanted





The frescoes of vanity are written by the wind

ruffling long blonde hair


the manuscript of the rain leaves a mark on her face

and the mosaic of makeup is erased

a collage of memories erupts

the portrait pretends to be asleep



picture some scrapbook attempts

blowing  the teardrops

only with a brush

like a forgotten archetype

breaking raindrops

across the canvas

all the way to the Arabesque genealogy

a whole line of artists

on iconostasis


it’s just a game

just dreaming

dreaming frowning

ruffling her hair

hair vain hair blonde

portrait of the wind




The camera looks at me carefully
Party solitaire
played before the judgment hour

Picture quietly hanging on the wall
The sun is seen in the morning
sometimes in the east
sometimes in your open eye

hypnotizing others
hypnotize yourself

Think advance what would I say
When the keepers of dreams take me

and I am waiting
when will I wake up



Professor dr Sladjana Milenkovic was born in 1973, in Serbia. She is PhD of Serbian Literature and a professor at the University College Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia. Books of poetry: “Morning of a Sleeping Doe” (1994), “Hounds of Dreams” (1995) “Signature of Sleep” (1997) “Other Words” (2014), “Hounds of Dreams” (in English 2016) “September City” (Poland 2019). Also writes essays, scientific studies and books. She is the editor in chief of the Journal of Science, Culture and Arts “Sunčani sat” Sremska Mitrovica. Her poetry has been awarded several times and translated in English, Germany, Turkish, Polish, Japanesse, Romanian etc.


PhD Slađana Milenković, professor

Sremska Mitrovica


[email protected]




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