Love Odyssey : Nina Alexi (Greece)

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I seek you…there
where memories numb the body
where pleasure is trapped by relentless flame
where our breaths, myriad images weave
where your hands, like a rose, my body unfolds.

I seek you there, where the darker blue of the sea
joins the light blue ceiling of the sky.
In the depths of the oceans,
a heavy hearted mermaid solemnly
searching for her forgotten king.

Where the song of love echoes like a lapping wave
on leaden mountain peaks under the vaulted roof sky
where monks chant devout hymns.
There, where your passion blossoms like a wild flower.

I seek you in the smiles of the children
building a new humane world,
where instead of bombs that scatter death
angels’ trumpets spread the message of peace.
There, where people only know of love.


I seek you there, where dreams unfold,
incarnate and the pain subsides.
Where faith is carved, embracing love
and lovers have no need of promises,
fiery hot summers, glitter and pearls.

There, where swift-winged clouds
seek revenge in our dreams.
Explosively seeking you in the eternal universe
with millions of galaxies shining upon us
infinite magical energy.
Maybe, one day my Love
I’ll find thee.


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