Rabija Hamidovic

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Rabija Hamidovic Born 1967 Zvornik Bosnia and Herzegovina Aggression on my country took me to Sweden I live and work in Sweden I write poetry prose my poems have been translated into several languages ​​and awarded several times


Song of mine, filled with pain,
Does the heart love in vain?
I love one young man, with black hair,
I love his bare feet,
That thread trough the field of ears,
Among the poppy flowers.

You sealed my heart then with a kiss,
I gave you my soul on the palm of my hand,
i told you clearly:
I am your poppy flower,pick me.
You picked up the poppy rose, put it in my blonde hair, kissed me shyly,
Whispered on the ear:I love you my baby!
Your lips are red,like poppies ,almond -colored eyes.
In love,we waited for the moon light,
To light our way to the stars
You picked me up to the throne,
Carried me through the field of ears,
Screamed out loud,my baby-i love you

After many summers,i am sitting in a field of ears,
Picking hot poppy flowers
I tear their petals,bathed in dew from the eye
Am i crying love for you or the poppies?

I stare at the sky,looking for your blue eyes
A black cloud covers you forever.
You are not in the field of ears,not among the stars
You are not in this world.
You dissappeared in the whirlwind of war,because the villains killed
With one bullet in an instant both of us,
And our love is extinguished forever.

I’m still waiting for you in the field of ears Among the poppies.
I write about us perhaps the last verse
I tear you from oblivion,I don’t let time to erase you from my soul.
I am waiting for you,who will never come again,
To lift my humble body,
To scream from the depths of your soul.
I love you baby.

Autor Rabija Hamidović
Zvornik / Bosnia and Herzegovina

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