Greece: Presentation ceremony for the book: « Presentation ceremony of the book The Tunisian-Greek Poetry Odyssey »

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Greece: Presentation ceremony for the book: « Presentation ceremony of the book The Tunisian-Greek Poetry Odyssey »
On Wednesday evening, August 4, at the Cultural Center in Athens, the field of presenting the book « The Tunisian-Greek Poetry Odyssey » prepared by the Tunisian poet Abdallah Al-Tunisi in conjunction with the two Greek poets: Katrina Battaglia, President of the International Association of Writers and Artists in Greece
Poet and writer Eva Petralianud
This event witnessed the presence of a large number of Greek poets and media professionals, and it was an attempt to deepen the cultural exchange between Greece and Tunisia, while the speech of the Tunisian poet and the head of the Cultural Salon Association that he delivered at this event

my friends ,
Allow me, to express my happiness for being with you, and to express my respect for your country, for which I have all love and respect,

It is a great honor for me to be in Greece, the country of philosophy, history, legend, novel and poetry, the country that has presented great men who have done so much for humanity and human thought, and have contributed to the advancement of human civilization
The country of the giants of global thought: as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Betagor, Talis, Archimedes, and Hemerus
The country of the international novel « Zorba », which is the most read novel in Tunisia
Allow me, gentlemen, to extend my sincere thanks to the International Society of Writers and Artist, and to its President, Mrs. Ekaterini Batalia, and to the creative friend and writer and poet Eva who exerted a lot of effort for this civilized meeting.
My friends , i came from the land of olives, palms and jasmine from Tunisia, carrying a lot of love, carrying the second poetic Odyssey with me, yes it is the second poetic Odyssey after the poet immortal Hemerus had indicated in his Eternal Odyssey to a first meeting between the sons of our peoples, when he spoke about the meeting between Ulys and the People of the island whose people eat lotus, so welcome him and give him a basket of their fruits. It was that island, the island of Djerba, Tunisia
The Odyssey told us about the first encounter was intimate,
My friends, our sea, the Mediterranean was the cradle of human civilization, and on its banks, human civilizations arose that contributed to the advancement of man, the Mediterranean separates us and unites us in that one,his waters extend from my country to your country to connect us, our languages and beliefs may differ, But there is a lot that unites us. Every person familiar with the Mediterranean countries realizes the similarities in a large part of the culture, and successive civilizations contributed to their consolidation.
Today I came loaded with love, to dedicate cultural cooperation between us, and its first fruit is the book “The Greek-Tunisian Poetic Odyssey” which was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the International Association of Writers and Artists in Greece and the Tunisian Salon cultural
this book was from a proposal submitted by my friend Eva: She agreed without hesitation, and then the proposal was adopted by Mrs. Batalia, President of the International Association of Writers and Artists, and the achievement was in 3 months. 40 poets, is the first cooperation through which we tried to establish a bridge of cultural cooperation between us, and to prove that poetry is a means of grouping between peoples,
In my choices for Tunisian poetry, I tried to give you a comprehensive view of the Tunisian poem during a century, so I diversified the choices. as follows:
Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi: the eternal poet of Tunisia is the most important poetic symbol of the first half of the twentieth century
Munawar Samadeh and Jaafar Majid: the most beautiful poets of Tunisia in the fifties, sixties and seventies
Awlad Ahmed: The most important poetic voice in Tunisia in the eighties
The new generation: with its rebellion and its global trend
My choice was not random, but rather thoughtful choices that would make the reader monitor the development of the Tunisian poetic movement within a century, all of this in order to provide a useful blog for my friends in Greece
Likewise, my friends Eva and Batalia worked hard to present Greek poetry to the Tunisian reader,
Allow me, my friends, to extend my congratulations and thanks to all the Greek poets and to all the Greek people by the poetry that I read and translated into Arabic, as the Greek poem showed a great humanistic dimension, most of the poems used to reject violence and hatred and establish love and dreams, and call for peace and love,
These poems led me to adopt a new project, which is to publish a book on Greek poetry in Arabic, to be published in Tunisia and a number of Arab countries, and I will continue to cooperate with the two friends to complete it.
My friends, I am happy to be with you, to support cooperation between us, and that will be the content of the protocol of cooperation that we will sgnin between the Tunisian Cultural Salon and the International Association of writers and artists in Greece.
Thank you my friends
Thanks to the International Association of writers and artists in Greece
Thanks to the two friends, Dr. Akaterini Batalia and Eva
Thanks to the poetry that brought us together, and which he affirmed is a tool for bringing people together and cultivating love
thank you
Abdullah Gasmi


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