Jade Scarlett

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Jade Scarlett, 21years of age, presently residing at 153 Daang Bukid Bacoor City Cavite Philippines. A freshly graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration.



I struggle each and every single day,

As I am living on a basis of day by day,

To hold a heart that is strong in every way,

So that I can hold a forever that will surely stay.


It is really hard to find it in everywhere,

So far away and almost  in nowhere,

But I will never stop and keep on being aware,

Even the steepest mountain I will bravely dare.


I know for sure it is only a challenge I am facing,

To this full of humps and narrow road I am walking,

To every color of every shades that I am seeing,

To every wondrous emotions that I am feeling.


So here I am wanting to be alone just to find,

The character that is pure and truly kind,

With a heart that is  stronger and bolder than mind,

Holding a love that will never leave me behind.


I will never stop in praying hard every single night,

To give me wisdom and strength in all my might,

For I can be able to see clearly that bright light,

In this SOUL SEARCHING that I’m about to take flight.







Heartbroken hearts go on in bleeding,

Mankind can’t stop on everyday fighting,

Lights in homes are slowly dimming,

I’m so afraid why is this happening.


Humanity can’t fight this deadly sickness,

Even the nature can’t embrace its greatness,

I can truly see that mankind is defenseless,

Chaotic situation is seeming endless.


As I look in the sky for inspiration,

Tears run down for so much frustration,

Holding in our hands the terrifying confusion,

Faith, love and hope is almost in submission.


Sickness, troubles and  partitions are everywhere,

It’s like the future is almost in nowhere,

God have mercy, we need you care,

In WHAT’S COMING NEXT please beware…






Rhymes And Reasons


So much to offer..so much to give,

As everyday goes by…your smile i receive,

I put my trust in you…because i do believe,

That true love…both of us will achieve.







In love ..all is fair,

So don’t be in despair,

It tackles regardless of educational attainment, culture, gender,

Age, status, race…that no one can hinder.


It is the only matter that you can put into rhymes,

The only matter that defined in so many reasons,

That strengthens ourselves to stand in any obstacles,

LOVE  is truly the only feeling that we can express in so many ways.



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