Poem by the poet Miljana Zivanovic : Arabic translation: Abdallah Gasmi

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Miljana Zivanovic

was born in Vukovar, Croatia. She lives and writes in Switzerland
« Miljana Zivanovic published her poetry for the first time in 2017 even though she has been writing since the school days. She is preparing to publish her first written word of poetry from that time.
She participates in four Anthologies:
– Anthology of Serbian Poetry and Prose; Artists Association of Australia
– Anthology of World Poetry and Prose I; Artist Association of Australia
– Anthology Love is everything; Knjazevac Gold Feather
– Anthology of World Poetry and Prose II; Artists Association of Australia
She participates in joint poetry collections, a stand-out dedicated to Njegos’s « Njegos’s Wreath » and a collection dedicated to Patriarch Paul, « Let’s Be People Like the Patriarch, » though all are equally important to her. Also her poetry was published in English in two joint collections Gentle word I and II.
She has been awarded several times in the country and abroad for her work.

Out of 1567 writers, 28 best and most awarded authors were selected for 2019. Miljana Živanović is one of the selected best writers for 2019. The best written works are in « Anthologies of World Prose and Poetry 2019. » published by the Association of Free Artists of Australia.

He has been involved in humanitarian work since his early youth. The first encounter with this noble business took care of old and infirm people.

In later years, she decided to dedicate herself to humanitarian work in caring for abandoned children.

In 2020, she joined the humanitarian organization Every Child Lifeline Caruty Foundation, where she was appointed Operational Director of the Foundation by all her work, by the Board of Directors. She says it’s the reward of her life. She oversees the work and work of the entire Foundation, many of her ideas on progress and work have been adopted, she has organized and included in her project children and assistance to neglected and abandoned children, under the slogan « Children for Children ». This is how the idea of ​​printing a children’s anthology was created, which will contain the works of the children themselves with their drawings, stories and poems intended for other
She is a member of Scene Crnjanski Literary Club, Art Horizon Literary Club, Knjazevac Gold Feather, Australian Free Artists Association.
In her texts you become participants with the details that occupy you, telling the story in a suggestive way. It does not leave readers without interest for a moment and catches their attention.
As an author he stands out from the mass of writers of the traditional « female » love read. In her poetry she shows a distinct sense of a different need for contemporary consciousness, her own belief that there are crucial moments in a woman’s life. ”
A short biography from the Anthology of Serbian Poetry and Poetry is extracted.
« A Walk in the Saffron Valley » is her first solo release.
Here are a few sentences from two reviews of her book:
Saša Mićković, editor: “Miljana Živanović, a poetess who has already published her poems in anthologies, lexicons and collections, has managed to compose a new verse collection called A Walk in the Saffron Valley. At nearly 120 pages, verse summaries of life moments, past days, but also prophetically contemplate the unprecedented, intangible and many unfathomable life-expectation. For her, love is a central motto and motive, and the people around her represent a thought-provoking impulse for philosophical access to them and life-long secrecy. However, like any inspired artist, Miljana certainly has a sense of humor, and this is the sixth multi-sensory element that many people miss. ”
Dr Miodrag D. Ignjatovic: “This poetry is a psychological play between Him and Him, and in order to bring Miljan closer to readers, we must say that her soul is made up of the finest intertwined yarn, as well as the lyric. She is prone to aperceptivity – the later experience and the spread of perception and reception …
In the end, this sophisticated book is also a bit of a teaching to our good, intelligent poetry, as well as to all readers, who will absorb from the book all the elixirs of life, dreams and spiritual spheres. The book A Walk through the Saffron Valley is the Millennium’s Flag, Flag and Flying Flight, which will be recognized by critics, academics and readers alike, who are mostly gathered around poetry poetry.
« I’ve been flipping through the lists so many times,
Folded at the ends
Highlights highlighted … ”
This is how Miljana sings in the verse The stage and I, and you who have the book in your estate and treasury will recognize the undeniable talent, poetic ethereal sound and, above all, the beauty of most of the verses! « 




I want space and distances,

effortlessly carrying the wind

flying around the world like an albatross …

I’m without freedom as …

songs without notes, voice without sound

and no one will hear me …

Blank pen, wordless book,

the story that was written

but no one will read it.

I walk in a tunnel without light

and it has no end …


I long for freedom

because time is not still

in me it seems like gypsy blood is boiling …

My freedom from flesh and blood,

I’m coming from everywhere and I’m not going anywhere!


I turn my back on despair.

And I cry for joy,

the first time after a pardon!




أريد مساحة ومسافات ،

لتحملني الريح بسهولة

لأحلق  حول العالم مثل طيور القطرس …


أنا بلا حرية مثل …

أغان دون تفاعل ، صوت بلا صدى

لن يسمعني أحد …

كقلم أبيض ، ككتاب دون مفردات ،

القصة التي كتبت

لن يقرأها أحد.

أمشي في نفق مظلم

دون  نهاية …


أتوق للحرية

لأن الوقت لا يستريح

في داخلي بدا لي وكأن الدم الغجري يغلي …

حريّتي من اللحم والدم ،

أنا قادمة من كل مكان ولن أذهب إلى أي مكان!

أدير ظهري لليأس.

وأبكي للفرح ،

المرة الأولى بعد إذنكم!

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