Poems by the Syrian poet:Rasha Sayyid Ahmed Mufti

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Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts

Fine artist, poet and human rights novelist

Six books, two novels, a collection of stories and many local and international exhibitions

She has won many local and international awards

At home and in the world about modern Arabic poetry

The most recent was an award in Berlin for contemporary Arabic poetry

East German Saxon Prize in the city of Dresden for poets and intellectuals



Light lies behind Wild Flowers Behind the door of wildflowers lies the door of light One evening, I would allow the star to sing, sing, and sing to tears For sheltered heart’s memories how they are changing, when the white wildflowers dance a smile. While bleeding nectar from its golden heart… and the thrilled dance of its leaves for poems of the valley thyme For tears, our bottomless humanity, the spin of light in us And read his over nomadic heart tales And trace in him the spirit of the poet … To see in the green light heavens the inaccessible visions…. To perceive the light tales ’whispers to rainbow when reflecting the smile of God…. To witness how universe harmonizes eternity tales in the hearts…. On the other side, Do not ask for wounds of the old city of Damascus How it was swirled by the hurricane… .. how much angelic ages we need… .. To make orang flowers and antique balconies’ jasmine smile To make the rolling stars on the chest of Qassioun smile… for the moon’s face there, observing the green lighted minarets is still extending its wings. For A song to the fearless sad eagle… while standing on the edge of the cliff and singing his …… .. song…. And praying for a light that would open his book to see the tiny waving hands to the martyr… .. and see how the flood arranges itself to rise… ..

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