Poems by the China poet:KC Lee

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Heavy rain has

swirled the whole forest

Then it stopped


I dreamt of my lover

Half of my life

has been waisted

Time passes

like a long long river

flowing through

thousands of years


In this universe

we are just like a dust

Million of stars

blink with dim light


I  have just written a poem

to let the floating cloud

bring it to my lover

who has lived in the forest?

full of pine trees


By Chance

I have not been blessed

to seek my true lover

My Almighty God

Will you pity me

to bring

my true lover

from the forest


Translated by KC Lee for Hong


I have been living

like a prodigal son

for I could not seek

the real meaning of life


Who am I

I am only

an unseen particle

In the Universe

together with uncountable stars

Human beings are born

and away they pass


Every moment

in this world

we leave our marks

on the ice

that will be melted

in minutes


I asked the floating cloud

to deliver my poem

to my beloved

My lover asked the swallow

to get it from the cloud

The cloud and the swallow

were our matchmaker

We wrote poems

shown to each other

Passions were burning in our hearts

Simultaneously the orgasm we reach


Written by KC Lee

1 June 2018

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