Mirela Necula

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Mirela Necula

In the shadow of the old walnut

In the shadow of the old walnut, diformed by so many storms,

I found your heart crying, lost under the clear moon,

It didn’t want heaven, no holy raindrop too,

It just wanted my hand to comfort her through the cold as it went.

A flock of joy crossed his thick crown,

And it seems that the buds came, passing through the branch of ray of love,

It scattered fragrance, bewilderment it cooled the branches,

When our hearts embrace, they kissed with the coveted fir.

And bends the last branch to wipe them of sweat,

Contemplating two hearts in a rapturous innocence,

That gathered their love drop by drop,

Ready for the seasons with too much hate.

The dawn should say, says the confused nut tree!

Why hope is low for you when a grumpy wind hits you!

You are two in the nights when the cold is tight!

And you warm up your minutes and your sight in the pockets of silly life!

I am a wanderer, only the sky touches me and cries me out!

Now I’m comforting you, if your soul is broken!

Your love is a crib and a verse in peace and prayer!

Blessed is your harp, it just yields, never sets!

By the road, by the thought

Among the flowers, through green grass,

I’m back from the road, I’m coming home God!

The fields of dreams are ripe and the trees bloom with passionate kisses,

And the meadows of souls jam, tender, proud.

I listing chosen words and stand at the crossroads of mad longing,

I honor the calls and give discernment to the immune time,

With red dress tailored from strands of years, edged with perfume,

Hoping to meet my love that comforts my moment always on the road.

The fiery weather broke the holy lily petals,

That gathers my stars and watch over me in every gust of wind,

Silently, in his pale coat, he always stood me up, saying,

To start again, through flowers, by the road, by the thought.

You wait for me my love, marked, brimmed with thousands of fringes!

You rested too much with the clouds that persisted through the valleys and the plains!

The earth has defrosted and the mesmerized sky has been pouring rain!

To flourish now, to give trills you golden love !

Don’t tell me you are waiting for me at the gate without my blossom,

I just got up from struggling, from piles of stones and wandering,

I have the light in front, God in the back supporting me!

Thoughts, persecutions and love an everlasting diamond!

And so many springs with the witnesses of eternity!

Loved, to spread our love across the galaxy!

Loving us wonderfully and louder

Don’t let the hearts cry!

They have avoid the pain too much not to pierce them!

Both growed from the sab of one tree!

 With spring on the ridge, covered by the opaque abyss!

 Don’t let longings cry!

Only with their united rays did we defeted the wind that cries for us!

« The herds of thoughts » always escape their path!

When you reappear from your heaven the shafts of love stretch up until the valley!

Don’t let the hearts mourn or flowers without petals!

They united our thrills, opened us warm locks !!

With their wonderful fragrance we became immortal flowers!

 Crush by others under there feet, love us wonderfully and louder!

You the angel of love dawned in my eyelash!

How many tears have watered you until you became my sky in the meadow?

 You are poor, but rich in my clear, full arms!

And you smile my love, on the sinister night from fate!

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