WHISPER OF MAHAGIRI : By Surendra Biswal

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Surendra Biswal



The dusty dusk

throws its golden coloured light

on the wide and long range of hills –


when the dark, lonely night

waits to appear

to cover under its wings

the hills

the woods

and the world that I can see.


The shadow of Mahagiri resembles

the faint advent of the night

the setting sun old and tired

bids bye to the home-ward birds at sight.


A newly married woman

stands at her cottage door at the foot hills

Her anxious eyes moves on

round and round

looking like a dancing deer.


Whom does she wait for ?

From which corner of the deep woods

who comes dancing ,

jumping with long steps

as long as his own shadow.


But darkness doesn’t have a shadow

The hills and woods mingle together

getting lost in each other

forgetting their individual identity.


The timid flame burning in the cottage

swings in the uneasy darkness

that brings the corpses

of many wishes and aspirations.


A basketful stars In the sky

watch the woman still standing silently

at her cottage door-

At this moment

Comes the whispers of Mahagiri high .

The woman still stands there, so shy.


@ Copyright reserved by Surendra Biswal

December 29, 2019.

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