Tatjana Pajic

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Thinking of


Logistic as it is a science

Logistic of pressing of button

To whom we open our  soul

Cause a dreamer of the time

When we awoke from

The curiosity of our sight

Logistic is imagination

About impossible





I am seating from machine

On the wall, Television!

Pictures are made of lofty

Sky. Speaker is talking

 »Car accident »

 »Longevity are genes »

 »Vote for a president »

 »Happy married couple’

News, voices, pictures

I am still.seating , thinking

In my eyes the light is picking

Eyes shine as a machine

I don’t see well

It is time to go take glasses.




I hope we will meet

In the space of screen

With your piture

Watching me from the site

Talk as an  old friend.

Words,written on our


Someone’s love.











Tender.ray.of the  Moon

Falls on my computer

I am thinking

For how long


Will intrigue me

As from empty screen

Of my computer




One day


Automn day

Wind is rasing up

All my .soul

Within the cloud

Lays on the city.

Rain to raise

My old hopes

Of lasting time.

Can’t be without rain

And   the wiper of  a car

Mouves left and right

As  my room passes

By a cursor

Into vivid memory

Written on the screen


















I am seating  silent

Screen on the right side

Window  high up to shoulder

Hyeropractic  talks

Change the place

Rays influence your

Nerf’s system




Written  in English by Tanja Pajic


Tatjana Pajic mr in philology is born on 7.November 1957 in Kragujevac, Serbia Yu.Lattly she starts to write, and previousely she was translator. Many books from French literature as T.Gautier/Emails and Camee, 2000, Valjevo, N. Sarault, Disents des imbeciles/ extraits/ up to2005, lot of poetry from USA, England , France../published/.

Her poetries books  and poet age start on 1989 , Lao Ce or Konfucije, Valjevo,  On mind, Belgrade 2013, Zvezdane masine,  Belgrade 2016, Nebeski kvartet , Belgrade 2018

She is publishing  her poetry in many  litteray journals.

Lives and writes in Kragujevac




Tanja Pajic

34000 Kragujevac

Daniciceva 33a

Srbija ex Yu

tel 381 -34317392

e mail [email protected]


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