Poems by the Iraqi poet:Walid Jassim Zubaidi

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Walid Jassim Zubaidi

Birth  / Iraq / Babylon / 1956.

Address: Iraq – Babil province – Mahawil district.

Member of the Union of Writers in Iraq.  / Member of the Arab Writers Association / Member of the Union of Arab Historians / Member of the Association of Iraqi Creators / Member of the Association of Iraqi Academics / Member of the International Union of Poets and Writers..

– A graduate of the University of Mustansiriya / College of Management and Economics for the academic year 1976/1977.

Bachelor of Arabic Language – University of Babylon / College of Education – Department of Arabic Language for the academic year 1999/2000.

Master of Arabic manuscripts / League of Arab States / Institute of Arab History – for the academic year 2005/2006.

Ph.D. intellectual heritage – League of Arab States / Institute of Arab History – for the academic year 2008/2009.

. Specialization: Abbasid literature.

: Publications

1-Office of the fairy tale mirrors – library of writers / Babylon in 1995.

2-Office of gravel waiting – Library of Writers / Babylon 1998.

3-the book of the population of Islam prose and order / study and investigation manuscript – Dar Aldiaa Printing – Najaf in 2010.

4-book (memory of the place) social study, Dar light – Najaf in 2010.

5-Office of Oysters / Dar treasures of knowledge / Jordan in 2011.

6-Critical book (papers and opinion) – Dar treasures of knowledge / Jordan 2012.

7-book (Muhammad Mahdi Albasir historian) Dar Tammuz-Damascus in 2013.

8-Diwan (Tweets Palm) – the Cultural Center of Babylon – Cairo in 2014.

9-Critical book (Fantasia text in the writings of Wafa Abdul Razzaq) Dar Al-Arif – Beirut in 2015.

10-book (muzzle cast iron and unique age) – the study and the realization of manuscript / House of balance – Najaf / 2015.

11-Diwan (icons on the memory office) – about the cultural center of Babylon – Damascus – Cairo in 2017.

12-Cabinet (mirrors of rose) – Naguib Mahfouz Foundation – Cairo / in 2017.

13-critical study (the Indonesian phenomenon between originality and the prospects of modernity – a study in the book of Arabic poetry – Dar al-Sukkari / Cairo / 2018.

14-Diwan (songs of the Rai) – Dar Sukkari / Cairo, 2019.


: Shared Books

1-book (Hussein) in the hair ornaments – Friday: d.  Saad Al-Haddad / The Library of Iran – 2015.

2-Book (Imam Hassan – p – in contemporary poetry ornaments) Friday: a.  Asaad Mohammed Ali Al-Najjar, Dar Al-Sadiq-Babylon Foundation, 2017.

3-Book (Prof. Dr. Sabah Nouri Al-Marzouk – his life and educational and cultural paths) – to the researcher: Mahmoud Karim Moussawi, Dar Al-Arqam for printing, 2013.

4-Book (morning Hill), collected: d.  Amer Sabah Al-Marzouk, Euphrates House for Culture-Hilla, 2016.

.5-The poetic book of the international festival (Mesopotamia), in the Republic of Serbia, compiled by: Media and expatriate poet: Sabah Al-Zubaidi, 2019.

6-The International Literary Book (not to be forgotten) about the Serbian-Iraqi Friendship Society, 2019.

7-Diwan (hanging gardens), the issuance of the magazine (Amarji literary), Baghdad, 2019

8-Book (Shahriar in Baghdad) for a group of Arab writers, the issuance of the magazine (Amarji literary), 2019.

9-Joint poetic Diwan / in the footsteps of the revolutionaries / Poets Group Knights Column cultural poetry – Baghdad / Dar Avatar for Printing and Publishing – 2019.

  : My biography and scientific translation in several books

-1-Dictionary of Iraqi authors and writers (eight parts), d.  Sabah Nouri Al-Marzouk, House of Wisdom, Baghdad, 2002.

2-Diwan Hilla, ontology of contemporary Babylonian poetry, d.  Saad Al-Haddad, Cultural Center for Printing and Publishing, 2012.

3-the translations of the poets of Babylon in half a century, d.  Saad al-Haddad, founder of Dar al-Sadiq-Babylon, 2nd floor, 2012.

– 4-Arjouza love and fulfill in the translations of the flags of Hilla Fayha, a.  Asaad Mohammed Ali al-Najjar, Euphrates House for Culture and Information-Babylon, 2014.

: Books in print

– Book spinning lovers, for Sheikh Mari Maqdisi (d. 1033 e), study and investigation.

-collection of poems.

– Book Circassians, Sheikh Mari Makdisi, study and investigation.


– Participation in the Amasi and some festivals Union of Iraqi writers and writers and participate in scientific conferences in the universities: Babylon – Karbala – Basra – Wasit.  And the conferences of the Arab manuscripts in the thresholds Husseini and Abbasid holy.

– Participation in the International Conference of the Arabic language in Dubai / UAE April 2017/2018.

– Participation in the festival (Arab reunion) Festival of Arab poetry in Cairo – Cairo Opera House for the period from 20 to 24 August 2019.


The colony of the heart..!


A sleeping swing

Swarms of dreams on

High tree of cherries

Rababa whispered to the stream..

The waterwheels are shackled

Tackle her tough nights..

The particles’ rusts rusted that

She is the moon’s neighbor

(And (Salman’s flick

A cloud neighbor complains

No thunder; no lightning

It puts it into labor

The rusts of speech rusted

The letter nails on a door

،The grammer

I closed all the meanings

Then she faded into the crowd

How many .. owner we need amid worlds

?.. Complain slavery and deception

How many  sincere we need in the sea of ​​lies


You have been overwhelmed by scandal and forbidden

? ..But .. How many  .. Prophet will be resurrected

?.. Is he disbelieved

We need the prophecy again

And we need the imams again

Here is a ship, and time, and not appointed

Not like any other

The place deduces us

Not .. Like him .. And enters the obsession of time

And it has the reins of treasuries and wars

When will the waterwheel run?

?.. And when the rest will come

And when .. The waterwheels free us

I kept to grieve you crying

?.. And when you say to her: Go back

..She wasn’t

With reassurance,

.. You were not satisfied

And still not like anything

It has expanded from sorrows a kingdom

From the dead .. From the living

And not lead them modesty

Towards a hot fire

When the sun turns

?.. It dawns on us

..And when our lives revolve .. Naourna

And when we will live

Or come back

Safe …pleasing

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