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REFIKA DEDIĆ:Born in Bag,in a modest bosnian family.


Finished elementary school in Bužim,high school in Bihać,Academy for pedagogy in Banja Luka and faculty of philosophy in Zagreb.


Published four collection of poems :1999.god. named „Išćem hair,upijam mir“; 2002.god. „ Injekcija razuma na prijestolju“; 2011.god. „Ispovijest na dlanu“; 2016.god. „Uz kafu razgovora“.


Many of the poems have been publihed in collections of international caracter such as: Izvan dometa; Mostovi svjetlosti; Vršačka poetska susretanja; More na dlanu; Isprepleteni dušama stiha and others.


Member of Croatian literary society – Rijeka ; „Zlatna kočija stihova“ -Sisak and other associations.


President of the society named „Riječi sa Une „ Bihać.Organiser of three international gatherings of poets and writers in 2016,2017,2018 and 2019.






God,help me

I’m falling down in front of You

looking for a solace


One teardrop rolled by



and unfurls its atoms


Here,in front of You

my soul cries

tears are catching up tears

and finding way to roll down

God,don’t leave me


I raise my hands

Your forgiveness is what I seek for

I’m holding my breath

not to scream in front of people


God,they taught me to live fairly

to believe a human being

to have faith in people



God,awake GOODNESS

in people that can’t find a way


God,blessing and peace

give to people on Earth

help them to find THEMSELVES

and to spread love

PEOPLE,may we give our hands

towards each other and

find a solution for

unresolved equation

with one unknown


God,with Your help

people are for people looking in people


God,you can do everything






Autor pjesme:REFIKA DEDIĆ







Mira je bilo u početku stvaranja svijeta

Čim  su  ljudi  počeli  veličati svoj narod

A druge iskorištavati počeše sukobi



Gdje je? Sukobi..ratovi…ubijanja

Mir  S U T R A ?

Ne  vidim da dolazi

X  i  Y u svijetu bezumlja

Nepoznanica u svijetu



Ljudi moći odlučuju gdje će biti mir a gdje rat

Njihova moć je u rukama slabih


Na  vlasti  su oni koji pričaju

i u ime ubijenih govore o miru

Mira nema

Da li će ga BITI?


Ne govorite ništa

Ne pričajte o miru

Učinite da zavlada M I R

VI  to možete

Ljudi s Ljudima M I R grade





The peace was at the beginning of the creation of the World

As soon as people began to magnify their own

And exploiting others,conflicts began


Peace TODAY…

Where is it? Conflicts…wars…killin



I do not see it coming

X and Y in the world of nonsense

An unknown in the world


People of power hold decisions where

will be peace and where war is ongoing

Their power is in the hands of the weak

Those in authority are those who talk

And in the name of the slain they speak of peace


There is no peace

Will it be?


Do not say anything

Do not talk about peace


Make the peace come true

You can do it

People with PEACE People

20:13 10/12/2019

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