The Song’s Lantern is the Night :Basma marouani

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The Song’s Lantern is the Night

The evening is saturated with scribbles of the frightened on

their wall!

And my wall is empty / except from the shadow and the moon!

– I will not forget yesterday! –

I will not forget the rainbow /

or the wintry heart that congealed in my chest

to the rhythm of your talk!

Your talk was not a tent for my waiting sanctuary,


and it was not a cottage embraced by the orange tree.

So it abandons its scent!

But your talk remained. / And I remained an echoed cave!

And I added the clouds at the end of my name

since I ascended pain!

It neighs inside me like injustice.

Prophecy and the rain are overwhelming me!

I look at my smiling face…

And the song’s lantern

is the night…

And the song is a modern model of poetry!

– Asleep, until death shouts.


Basma marouani


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