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Nedeljko Terzic is a poet who is on the trail of metaphysical, his poems are reflexive, and at the same time there is also their philosophical interpretation of their symbolic names and architecture. His identity is entirely in verses. His poems are imbued with the life force giving the reader hope for the future and say that the self-knowledge comes through eternal traveling and exploring the others. They are addressed to all those dissatisfied with everyday life, adjusted to the world of material values. Working in his native regions the author remains consistent to the traditional poetic – all over recognized form, with polished lyrics and ground clear statement.

The diversity and extensiveness of  Nedeljko Terzic literary works put him in a group of the few writers’ working hard in contemporary Serbian literature, and more and more frequent translations of his works are the result of discovery of the writer’s identity, as well as a simple narration suitable for translation. Special dimension of his former literary works is the attention paid to the creation of this writer in high schools where students write graduate – and seminar papers on the topics related to his literary creativity. He writes poetry and prose and is a great favorite as a writer for children. His poetry is written in free verse in the spirit of contemporary trends in world literature.


PhD Sladjana Milenkovic, profesor

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