Salima Melizi : Algeria

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A Flock of Pigeons

You came to my mind
Like a flock of pigeons,
Looking for my tenderness and affection from me to you, I derive my love
From the remnants of my words,
I draw on your cheeks my longings,
And extract love nectar from my exile,
Sprinkling joy along my wishes.
Oh you who is turning my dream into caterpillars woven from satin,
A dress shielding me in the midst of my alienation,
Rains from ruby and coral
And a dawn like a Flock of pigeons giving me greeting, passion,
Ardent love.
And a poem from old times,
We were and love was
A sultan
Occupying the kingdom of kingdoms.
These are my word and this is I am,
Embraced by notebook of wishes
In a time love becomes

Written by Salima Melizi
Translated by Sihem Hammouda

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