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Ibrahim Honjo



It was not a dream


it was reality


these days we were often together


I was fascinated


I thought that I was never able to love any woman again


you are obviously something else


you launched in me continents,


the whole universe


we sat in the car and hugged




through me flying well familiar butterflies


in all directions


life is beautiful


if you have someone that you love excluding yourself


how beautiful it is to love you


and feel the touch of your skin


watch sparking in your chestnut eyes


by trying clumsily to hide


I love every day with you


and love you differently than other women


I wish I just grew old with you


here at 32 degrees Celsius


tell me, you were not a dream


before you went back to your home


I discovered a new dimension of life in myself


while I am touching you, encircling your waist


while I am staring in your eyes


while you are staring in my eyes


while remembering your every blink


every movement


every smile


every pore of your skin


and nowhere to go


Ibrahim Honjo, Vancouver, Canada

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