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WE NO MORE CRY :Rameysh Chaand



We no more cry over our anguished lives in independent country,

We no more cry over millions spent on statues of heroes,


We no more cry over eroding values on names of advancement,

We no more cry over people dying for want of government hospitals,


We protest no more over rising prices of amenities,


We no more cry over falling standards of sacred institutions,


We no more cry over our hungry and jobless fellowmen,


We no more cry over justice delayed and freedom denied,


Jungles are more safer than cities,


Greed,lust and crimes has made people more stone hearted than sinners ,


No more Mirrors reflect the inner – soul in us,

Just paints the masquerade we love to adorn,


No respect for love, life and goodness left in jungles of Corporatised world.


Bestow peaceful life of infant in mother’s arms,


Bestow faith in life sung through lullabies of dreams,


Blessings shower on us for fresh air, simple content villages, fragrance of inocence today,


To live in a world mother Earth bestowed filled with love, peace, happiness and faith once again.


© Rameysh Chaand 29.11.19.

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