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Your Love is the healer and in itself the medicine unknown,

Gentle touch of devotion heal all bruises and sores unseen and known.


Heart is filled with the colorful dreams once again;

And a beautiful life blossoms in its full splendor once again.


Beautiful dreams gleam when love generously shines,

In the light of faith life blooms in the hues of love desired dream dines.


There is nothing impossible that faith cannot bestow,

Nothing can stop true prayer, blessings in heart grow.


I run up to your beautiful heart to seek refuge in you forever,

I become you when your heart gladly wishes to be mine forever.


The warmth of your love generates hundreds of embers around us,

Winds of winter turn pleasant by the warmth of love around us.


Hearts entwine and souls the rose, your emotions fragrance in my heart rise ,

Blessings shower nectar and I discover my dreams in your eyes.

© Rameysh Chaand 28.11.14.

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