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THE FALSARS of WORDS : by Stefano Capasso

In the Circle VIII, X Bolgia

those of the living are punished in Hell

faked things, money, words,

using malice in a fraudulent way.

They are condemned to be afflicted by

horrible diseases, such as to disfigure them

the nature.

the False-Worders are scourged with fever, as they are in life

falsified the figure of Truth.


,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE FALSARS of WORDS ,,,,,,,,,,,


You see it from afar

the fake man

because you see it simular

courteous ways,

. as before

to a declared enemy,

do not let glimpse

neither hate nor complaining.


Indeed it begins to weave

. praises,

while behind

he spoke badly of it.


As well as it addresses

in a mild tone

towards whom

did him a wrong.


For those instead

had, of him,

spoke badly


an understanding,

very servile.


And finally if by misfortune

someone asks

to borrow money

immediately it becomes pale

of sweat,


he hastens to say

of how bad luck

keep him captive.


All rights reserved

copyright @

Author: Stefano Capasso


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