Shafea Faraj

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Shafea Faraj

Tunisian poet

Tempt your mind with my dream

The woman who burns boredom

The girl who trains on orphans

The apple accused of sin

History documents missing

Worried about the place of the ages

A cup of thinness

The structure of a homeland is overloaded

The existence of a variety with another burn

The sun is exhausted by nostalgia and distances

A lost memory directory

And I … elude your dream soul

Mirage arm

Incandescent glow of nothingness

Circulate, haunt, demolish

Scream and curse the night

I dig my voice in the blood

It excites my mother

Memory attracts me

I believe that the poems were made

Three steps up to my heart

The idea commits suicide …

The sky is clear

Disobedience oppresses the dream

The disobedience of the nation is equal to the beginning of the delayed death

Let me tell you: visited me Kalgamesh: He said:

« Go beyond drowning, you will find your heart »

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