Tarek Nasseri

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Tarik Nasseri

Tunisian poet and professor of Arabic language


My mother is preparing her tea for the distant morning


Tea is the brother of the earth

My mother does not drink coffee

And do not be afraid of time

Just keep tea, sugar and prayers for the next morning to watch her tomorrow

The smell of tea is like the earth

Do not realize in cities


I do not know coffee

I only knew her later, like all newcomers

He can confuse the smell of his coffee with the smoke of cars that suffocates the city

The coffee is the city girl and the noise

And I am a mountaineer who has matured on charcoal like red tea

In my memory, the smell of burnt tea travels through the jelly.

His red tea is overflowing

We know that the universe has been leveled between the fingers of the grandmother

A more delicious smell than a vellerad’s speech in paradise

The tea is brother of mountain and earth

Tea is night brother and morning fruit

Tea is my mother’s will when I travel

And the god of the reapers at the threshing floor

Tea is superstitious glory as an eagle lives in the highest

Tea abhors cities

illegal cities

Tea is calm brother does not cool like nostalgia

Tarek nasri

From the collection of poems ‘Edge Texts’ 2019

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