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When the hole opens in front of you

leaving you breathless,

you crave that one last drop of life

till it hurts so badly.

Only till yesterday,

you`ve been sipping from the goblet

that to you was given,

sipping in rush, in negligence,

with palates so numb,

deaf and blind,

hunched  in anguish, often with curses.

You laughed and flew so rarely,

prayed and loved truly so seldom.


It came to you, though maybe too late,

that this life is a beauty, a bliss,

a dream, a challenge, a duty, a game,

fortune, love, a secret, a promise

a poem, a sorrow, a war, an adventure,  luck, a storm, the Sun.


Find  that contemptuous chalice,

let the forgiven drop

slide down your throat,

and save you from darkness.

Maybe even a drop too much

amazes you, inebriates and seduces you

to feel all the wonders of the precious drink.

To admire, taste with relish,

accept, honorably perform, play, guard,

enjoy, discover, accomplish,

sing, earn, celebrate.

While going from point A to point B

remember to enjoy while  travelling.


For those who write in the sand,

For those who readily attack weakness,

For those who pack truth into a web of lies,

For those who crowd into a sea of passion, crying out for peace,

For those who silently scream in a cage of their own despair,

I pray to Thee, our Creator, our Savior, our light.


(Translated by: Timothy Byford)

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