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Zana Coven


Zana Coven ( Zanka – Zana Boskovic Coven ) was born in Sarajevo, ex Yugoslavia , now Bosnia Hercegovina. She grew up and studied in her home city and graduated in English language and literature. She moved to Belgrade for further studies and than to Salamanca (Spain) and Milano (Italy). She worked as a translator, pedagogist, cultural mediator, coordinator od multicultural projects. She is also a painter and writer. Married and mother of grown up son.

Writing poetry from school days till now she started to public her works only recently. She writes poetry in several languages and dialects but also short stories and travel books and diaries.

She published her first poetry book  » Zaboravljena u stihu »  (  « Forgotten in verses ») 2017, in Croatian,  » Lo dico alla Luna »  (  » I will tell it to the moon ) 2018 in Italian and  » Entre sol y sombra »  (  » Between  the sun and the shadow ») 2018 in Spanish. Her second book of poetry  » Jedna Ljubav  ( « One love ») in Croatian language, is in print right now.

Her poetry is in many antologies, almanacs, poetry magazines and other publications.Her poetry  » Children of the war » is in Antology of world poetry and the same poetry won the second prize in Intetnational competition  » Città di Galateo  » in Italy.

She won the special prize and award of Italian literary critics for her work in Milano on 18.5.2019 and Golden pen in Uzbekistan.

Working and living with her family between Milano and Barcelona.




The eagle


The dove

It is hard to



The power


Will win





No children


No mother’s


No burden to


Will stop


Who want more



We should

Think the way

We breath

Just understand

We all need

The same air

To live

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