Jasmine my … : Slavka Bozovic Montenegro

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Jasmine my …

My beautiful jasmine,
fate played with us,
leave us uneasy serenity
and the hearts are too full of sorrow.

She left her eyes in tears
and an empty hug
the witness is snow in his hair
a cry of longing and a painful sigh.

She left only shadows
the soul froze trembling
I know, you’ll forget me
and i cant know, will i forget you ?!

I’ll cover your picture
in a cashmere handkerchief
and leave it on the iconostasis
when the divine aria is played.

Please drop mine,
somewhere in a deep source,
sadness and pain will disappear
you will find peace of mind.

If you ever hear swans singing,
when your soul is separated, it hurts,
my beautiful jasmine,
know that my heart is struggling …

Song author: Slavka Bozovic

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