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Fauzul el Nurca, writer from Padang, Indonesia.  Writing articles, prose, essays and poetry for several newspapers and magazines since 1982. In addition to writing poetry, he is also active in theater activities.  Together with Studio Sangkaduo, a theater studio that he has managed and led since 1989. In addition to directing and writing scripts for the staging of this group, he is also active as an actor for the drama performances of several other theater groups in Padang.  And the last few months, he began to seriously study and write poems « haiku » through several haiku groups in online media.

Jasmine for the World




An eternal decoration for eternal love

Which thousands of years in beauty

Hair sweetener in girl’s hair

Welcome necklace, newcomers in Eurasia, Australasia to Oceania

Marker at birth and sower at death



A decoration of eternal love

With an enchanting romantic scent

From the bushes creeping in the courtyard of a nursing home

From the shrub forest beside the mini market

From lush fences in the comfort of a big house

From the corners of city parks and parking spaces

Full of spells, cradles

With a sense of calm wash away

leaving only a sense of peace



White purifies purity

Accompanying the sacred vows of marriage

Ascertain, the foundation of this relationship must be bound with peace

Or convey sincerity by tucking it in the fold of the love letter

Or as a prayer in the open palm

Or the cry of « I am a soft lover » when placed in a breast pocket

Or Say Hello, Please Welcome, You’re Exelence, and I’m Jasmine, You Know ?!

So, it’s not just tea-jasmine and fragrance


In one country

Jasmine is flower of the nation

Jasmine is a symbol of the pride of the country

In another country

Jasmine is a symbol of the social culture

Jasmine to pay homage to the ancestors

And in here

Jasmine ensures goodness and peace in friendship



©fauzul el nurca, Indonesia


*dedicated to beautiful friendship in the « Jasmine and Love Collars » community

*Greetings friendship for all of you





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