Gordana Saric

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Gordana Saric

Gordana Saric from Niksic in Montenegro, is a professor of French and Latin language. She writes poetry and prose. Her 30 songs about alphabetical letters for children are part of the curriculum in Primary School in Montenegro. Gordana has published 18 books and is granted many awards, internationally and in her country, with her poetry published in Anthologies. She participates in international festivals for poetry. Gordana was awarded a title of Ambassador for European Culture in European Championship of Poetry in Rumania, and a prize for culture and excellence in Verbumlandiart VOCE DEI POETI in Roma. She is Ambassador of Montenegro for Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts & Culture and Montenegro Ambassador of Culture.

Gordana devotes all her life to love, culture, promoting peace and beauty of words.


I’ve been missing you

I’ve been missing you my endless longing

And mild evenings on your chest

When we weaved treads of insomnia

While serenity spreading in our eyes


I embrace your absence with all my being

Longing for your words that warm my soul

While you hug me like hugging a child

And keeping my dreams with moonlight


Oh, my only love, in this speechless time

From hundreds of springs my desire drinks

And thirst is burning for your presence

Like treasure hidden deep in my heart

In bed of my burning longing

I count kisses thrown on my body

And thousands of hands of my sleeplessness

With tenderness of stars are hugging you


All parts of my heart are filled with you

With clear smile I gilded my sight

Your eyes are conveyed in mine

And my soul is settled with you

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