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Ibtihal Khalaf Alkhayat

Ibtihal Khalaf Alkhayat

Ibtihal Khalaf Alkhayat \ Iraq \ Mathematics School \

Member of the Iraqi Writers and Writers’ Union, a novelist and poet, published 12 printed books, 6 of which are anecdotal collections, poetry books, and participations in books by Iraqi, Arab and Western writers, including the Divine Woman in Belgrade.

Words and rivers in Iraq and the ontology of feminist literature and others. She received a short story shield at the Hamsa International Festival in Cairo.

Bronze Charter in Poetry in Belgrade.

Kirkuk Award for Story in Iraq.

Creativity Shield for Diyala Writers Union.

Honoring the Mufti International Foundation for Culture and Literature.


In the inner shade of a tree


Over the moon

A world of stars spins

See you ..

I’m sticking in a spider web ..

When a bus was going to war.

Harvest my heart stack thorns

My soul is entrenched in a desert

Belonging to the sand had to drown

And stars that melt harshly,

My soul will die ..

The earth is too hot to embrace my body.

But there!

Night Lexi moon by force and beauty ..

So wake up.

A disease that has cold my heart

Only a notch is lost as a price.

Nero crying fires the world

I am crying the arid streets of my heart.

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