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MARINA PRATICI (b. Viareggio, Italy 1961) lives and worksat Aulla (Massa Carrara), Italy.
Having attended the “LiceoClassico” high school, she gained a Degree in Jurisprudence and, later in Literary
Criticism & Linguistics.
As a literary critic, essayist and public-law journalist, she has held conferences, also in universities, in Italy
and abroad. She collaborates with prestigious magazines in the field, looking after personal columns, and is
curator on topics regarding poetic language in many Italian university colleges.
Poetess and writer, she has won more than one hundred national and international literarycontests,
representing Italy at “Women’s Poetry” in New York. As a multi-Accademic,President, Female Sponsor,
Panel Member, creator of prestigious Literary Prizes and co-founder of the International Literary
Circle“Altrevoci”, she has been honored with numerous ad personamrecognitions, among these: the
distinction of “Officer of the Italian Republic for high cultural and social merits bestowed on her by the
President of the Italian Republic; as Dame of European Culture in Paris; as Great Academic of Spain in
Madrid; as Ambassador of Italian Culture in the World in New York.
She has received ten Prizes for her Career; the Pope Emeritus Benedict Medal for Social Commitment; the
Medal of Honor of the Presidency of the Senate of the Italian Republic for social activity and commitmentin
favor of minors’ rights and opposed to violence against women; the Ecuadorean Consulate Prize for social
and cultural commitmentat international level; the Gold Medal of the Province of Genoa for international
social merits.
She has made tours giving poetry presentations in the USA, South America and in Europe. She has also
been guest to the International Poetry Festival in Nicaragua and female sponsor of the Frankfurt Book Fair.
She has published fourteen volumes of poetry, all of them prize-winning; one of her novels has been
translated into English, Spanish and German and presented in New York, Boston and other American cities;
her latest volume of poetry, translated into four languages, has been presented at Nice, Vienna, Budapest
and San Francisco, California; she has more than two hundred current literary-critical publications.
Having always been committed tosocial spheres of interest, she has actively collaborated with numerous
international organizations and is member of the Soroptimist International Club.
Creator of the “Scarpetterosse” (Little Red Shoes) route, dedicated against violence to women, of the
“Vestitinibianchi” (Little White Clothes) route, dedicated to minors’ rights, of the “Bambini non soldati”
(Children Not-Soldiers) route dedicated to the drama of child soldiers, she has organized the Competition“I
have the right……to” on the theme of protectingchildren’s and adolescents’ rights and has been Female
Sponsorof the national event “The Rights of Us Children”.
She has been to Cambodia where she is waging a fight against the prostitution of minors and in Sudan for
the protection of child soldiers.
For her merits in the cultural and social scenethe Local Town Authority of Aulla (MS) (the “Comune di Aulla”
in the province of Massa Carrara) conferred her with the title of “Delegate” for Culture, as well as for EqualOpportunities, for the Family, for Cultural Events and for Town Twining.

snow is falling
in a far field.
the sound of a far step.

And another day
arrives and leaves again,
distant and far.

It’s not thinking far away
it thinking distant about you
that scares me, my love.

Just like a musical chord
a combination of notes,
your distant step.

Your far smile.

And the snow field
– istant –
is grain’s music.

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