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Tricking Fear Bosses Mind .by Roy Kanta

Tricking Fear Bosses Mind

.by Roy Kanta


betwixt freedom and fear to be shackled :
the eyes on mouth of waters:
eerie arguments shooting truths:
meets me,completely a query different ;
if there freedom differently can head
bald eagle’s flying riots,
a riot tangentially rolled up
to elliptical orbit, what fearful to
to fear that boundary, set by hell,
the orbit by planets universe:
when heart beats arguably stance
matures the most broture ,

life along the river
and offshoring roundup up , responsibilities
when sublimely loads theme
at nature and reigns in a dogma:
did it cause fear! and
there manley manipulation presently
accounts to naturalistic enforcement:

a call of joy lures
the world and crowd cause anxiety
going treats tricking society
touchest mostly the threshold
and door way of darkness pursuers
a spirit and must be free of having

wings to wisdom;

as the bereft of colors swallow
world , spills itself and it’s truth;
and truth torches the beauty
of universal musing literature,
poems itself write the winemaker
what free holden sound a visibility
at mind meets the widow ,
pathos hole nought is asole for inherently
great gyre of supremacy(!),
however known earthly beauty o’re spirituality ,
the most luminary of all time
up voice echoes from
soul of rediscovery in divinity
what’s Almighty reservoir
projecting us: we name
the most realms as God bestowed:


Biodata : I am Indian. Live in Kolkata West Bengal. I am a retired teacher with 33years experience. Now fulltime writer . Started poetry from age 13 . My another hobby is painting.. I think painting and poems are twin sisters. I am engaged with Bengali poem too. I write following my own philosophy, what is not by any famous philosopher’s opinion. I am engaged with so many magazines. Raven Cage .. and our facebook community and members anthology.. I like to think and write in a particular corner in particular time.. not fixed .. as abstract painting I like metaphorical use of images.. I am of mixed culture , my father was an Indian Airforce officer.. and mother was teacher.. both were migrated from Bangladesh after 1947.. my birth place is Chennai.. and education in Bengal .

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