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Ewith Bahar (Indonesia. )


A necrology from your passing

Hits like ravaging earthquake

I stumble and try hard to firmly stand


Looking at our laughing photo

My fog-glazed eyes, shed the agonies

A deep sorrow that crushing my vein

No ways to cope with this bitterness

No more refrain in our song

Painful coda crashes the melody away

An afterglow if your smile haunts.

(December 2020)




Ewith Bahar is a poetess, novelist, essayist and translator from Indonesia. She had a long-time career in a mass-communication field, radio and television industry. Being a TV host at Television of Republic of Indonesia (TVRI, a government TV station) for cultural programs, has broadened her vision that helps much in her writing works. One of her poetry books got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019.

Ewith Bahar also loves teaching. She was a teacher at a communication institution, (Interstudi and LEPPKINDO) and a public speaker for communication matters, creative writing and bibliotherapy.

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