Zvezdana – Jana Milosavljević, Srbija

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Zvezdana – Jana Milosavljević, Srbija


Biopgraphy: Zvezdana – Jana Milosavljević, Jagodina, Srbija.

He lives and works in Serbia. She writes poetry for children and adults.

Poetry awarded at events at home and abroad.

She has published her poems in many collections, anthologies and

collections. A mother of three children two daughters and son. Chemist

and poet.



Don’t put my heart in the clutches!

into the shackles heavy!

Don’t! Not!.

Life is a walking path,

the end of which it begins and the abysses mature.


Don’t judge me by the color of my skin.

Not by faith.

Aren’t we the same?

Created, created according to God’s custom,

by joy, innocent, sinless, pure.


Don’t put my soul in a dungeon!

It’s my light,

love and peace.

My steps to justice count,

my guiding principle is the meekness of the source.


And don’t torment my body.

Are you in turmoil,

to see wounds?

When we’re all just an hour in space,

just knocks but already stops.


And no, don’t chase me,

not towards Golgotha,

thread of the claws of the abyss.

I defy that horror too,

I am purely made of love.


And so, let me live!

No shame!

No clamp!

He will only see the face of God

Righteous, when the last bells ring.






You were my executioner!

My sin and my punishment.

in the labyrinth, the path is out of sight….

And my starry night,

buried in threads

in the abyss of the abyss.



You were my Pilate!

My cross and my burden …..

Now I collect pieces

memories of you,

on one….

when the time died.



More than love,

i loved you!

Is that the reason?

My evil mare?

Did you kill me?



The lyre of its existence

I was trying to …

And no regrets….

I’m not sorry …. My executioner!

At least I had you …

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