Amb Lovelyn P Eyo

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BIOGRAPHY Amb Lovelyn P Eyo is a multiple-award winning Poet from Nigeria. She is an Administrator for the World Union of Poets International parliament (Italy) and the League of Poets(Nigeria). She is an Ambassador for Peace (India) and Cultural creativity (Syria). She was honored with an award for excellence in literature at par with global standards by the Indian’ Gujarat government on the occasion of India’s 74th independence day. Lovelyn is also a recipient of Tolerance medal for her contribution towards the culture of peace International Leadership nobel award, Global Humanitarian award, shield of world culture, many gold quills, gold cups, excellence awards and diplomas of excellence for her poetic works. Her poems have been translated into Spanish, Efik, Bengali, Greek, Portuguese and also aired on Radio America. She loves to see people happy and to bring out the best in them, also sowing hope where hope seems lost.


Skies not caressed by twilight
Life seems hard and tight
I have passed through this very dim light
Knowing it isn’t a pleasant sight
But if you hold on you would win the fight

When in the going good times
Many flocked around you all the time
Like a treasure gotten
But during trying times
You seem half-past forgotten
As they fly away like the ticking time

You have so much to say
Your hope lost its ray
Feeling you are all alone-
Nobody’s own
Hold on
Stay on
You are not alone

Look around you
You may see only a supernova
Depending on your focus
And not see the surrounding stars
Needing just the light of your focus
To see – never alone is you

Time to see and feel you are GOD’s own
The invisible but visible CREATOR is ever with HIS own
His Angels star around helping your feet against stormy stones
Why not hold on to the words of life’s redeeming tones

You think you walk life’s steps alone?
No! At every step you got some one
On the same pulse who knows your pain
In the same ride with you under the rain
Remember when you fail to see the stars
Never means they do not star

Now you can’t see me
But you can read me
You may not see GOD
But you can hear HIS words
Even through the angelic whispers in your heart
A touch of not being alone and apart

To you I extend my hands of love and ease
Through this written piece of peace
To hold you… back on your feet
The sweetness of December may you feel
Bringing you a new radiant focus
Hold on keep on this light of focus

Breathing –

(c) Amb Lovelyn P Eyo

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