Poet Farakd Al-Saad

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Poet Farakd Al-Saad


Bachelor of Psychology

Member of the General Union of Writers in Iraq

Literary literature – the myth of love, sage, halos of the stars Alasham, I see you as the angel of my soul

Participated in many festivals, the most important of which is the Marbad Festival and received many honors and certificates of appreciation

The Fields of Adoration

When you tell me I love you

Perfume diffuses between your lips

You are the plantation of roses fragrance

In the fields of adoration

And when you tell me I love you

Birds chant in the sky of love

For you are the shudder of sense

In the nights of adoration

I am wrapped up with the magic of whispering

When you tell me I love you

I fly with the wings of my spirit

Therefore say I love you

So that the wind blows

And the heart declares

The most wonderful poetry

When I touched the purity of your soul

Blood circulated in my veins

After recession

And when I uttered your name

It was as if it were for me

History for a past I have lived with you

As if it were my destiny

To be you my destiny

Here we grow up

Our autumn leaves are still glamorous

Inhabited with the glow of love

Here we grow old

But love has no age

You will stay with me

The covenant witnesses

That I keep your memory

Because you were

And will be

All love for me

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