Dragan Radeta

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Dragan Radeta


Poet Dragan Radeta was born May 27, 1952. Now he lives and works in Kozarska Dubica where 10 years ago he started his literary work.He wrote three books:* Turmoil my tiny *
, * Traces of reality and dreams * and * Poet’s fairy tale * together with two books of series of poems found in joint proceedings of international importance brought him critical acclaim in Banja Luci (Srpska Republika), Beogradu (Srbija), Zagrebu (Hrvatska), Podgorica (Crna Gora), then Zenica (Bosnia/ Hercegovina), his birthplace, and a number of other cities throughout former Yugoslavia.For his poetic creativity he received much praise, special awards, and thank-you notes from the top priesthood in Beograd (Srbija). Dragan Radeta is member of several literary clubs and associations of authors.He participates in many of the literary associations and poetic competitions, etc.

*** Take me ***

Take me to the road
where happiness is walking.
Take me to the path without pain.
Take me
to your kiss
I can find it,
a way where happiness walks.
There is the sun
There is a heaven
There is a place where every morning
the sun greets you.
Take me there
where night kisses the dawn.
Take me there
where love exists
There I will give you
my heart.
That will be
our hot-blooded place…
Take me to the path
where serenity walks…

Prevela : Nadalina Hope Serenada
Pjesnik : Dragan Radeta

– Nadalina Hope Serenada

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