Poems by the Serbian Roman poet:IOAN BABA

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IOAN BABA, (John Baba, born on 25th November 1951 in Seleus, Autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia). Poet, journalist and publicist, lexicographer and translator. He has published 45 books of poetry, history, literature and lexicography, as well as anthologies and translations from Serbian into Romanian and vice versa. He was editor in chief of the program in the Romanian language of Radio Novi Sad, editor in chief of the program in the Romanian language of Television of Vojvodina. Since 1995, he is the chief editor of the magazine for literature, art and cross-border culture named « Lumina » which is published under the auspices of J.P.I. (Journalistic Publishing Institution) Libertatea from Pancevo.

Poetry volumes: Popas în timp (Stop in time), Pancevo 1984, Preludiu imaginar (An Imaginary Prelude), Novi Sad 1988, În cuibul ochiului (In the Nest of the Eye), haiku-micropoems, a bilingual edition translated by Nicu Ciobanu, Pozega 1989, Oglinda triunghiulară (The Triangular Mirror), haiku-micropoems, Novi Sad 1990, Poeme incisive (Incisive Poems), Pancevo 1991, Năzbâtii candide (Candid Pranks), „children’s book”, Novi Sad 1994, Inscripţie pe aer (An Inscription in the Air),  Timisoara 1997, Cămaşa de rigoare (The Rigour Shirt), Iasi 1998, ReversAvers, Timisoara 1999, Poemele D (D Poems), Pancevo 2002, Cele mai frumoase poezii (The Most Beautiful Poems), Drobeta Turnu Severin 2002, În urechea timpului / Eavesdropping Time, „paradoxist distichs” Chisinau 2003, Icoană din Balcania (An Icon from Balkania), Pancevo 2005, Aproapele dilematic (The Dilemmatic Fellow), Iasi 2005, Stare de ţăndari (The Smithereen Condition), Drobeta Turnu Severin 2008, În urechea timpului / Eavesdropping Time, entire volume of poetry published in the Romanian and English language, Timisoara 2009, Moinesti 2010, Senzaţii cu amprentă (Fingerprint Sensations), in the library OPERA OMNIA – Romanian Contemporary Poetry from All Over the World, Iasi 2011, Muzeul Dioram (The Dioram Museum), Pancevo 2011, Аdevăruri bandajate – Обложене истине (Bandaged Truths), a bilingual book, translated into the Serbian language by Ivo Muncian, Bogdanka Petrovic and the author, Pancevo 2013, În urechea timpului / Eavesdropping Time, English version by Gabriela Pachia, Pancevo 2014, and this book, titled Amicus animae dimidium/OтварањеОpening, written with the coauthor Nedeljko Terzic, translated into almost thirty world languages by numerous translators, Sremska Mitrovica 2015, Amicus animae dimidium, Romanian, French, English version, Drobeta Turnu Severin 2016, Amicus animae dimidium, Romanian, French version, Drobeta Turnu Severin 2016, 7 English, French, Spanish, Italian, Rusian, Polish and Swedish version, Craiova 2017.

He has participated in numerous international conferences and symposiums in Novi Sad, Pancevo, Belgrade, Paris, Copenhagen, Prague, Bratislava, Havana, Sinaia, Neptun, Resita, Uzdin, Subotica, Chisinau, Krivaia, Zrenjanin, Bucharest, Timisoara and has published over 150 papers in the field of historical and cultural tradition, history, literature, political philosophy and sociology of culture.

Until now, his works have been published in 130 journals in the country and abroad and his poems have been translated into Serbian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Ruthenian. His literary works were included in 60 anthologies published in our country and in the world. 120 analyses, critical reviews and essays about his poetic oeuvre were published in encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographic and various other books and several hundred in periodicals.

He has won 62 awards, medals and plaques in Romania, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, and the Bulgaria, for his achievements in literature, translation, journalism and documentary film.

He is a member of the Association of Writers of Vojvodina (Serbia) and the Writers’ Union of Romania.

He lives in Novi Sad.



IOAN BABA (Serbia & Romania)



You are not coming back in the past

To put things back right the broken possibilities

You focus the brain in a flight

And you see that there still is a past

The future that can still be improved


Less time will still fly yet

And in the dream of world

The years will metamorphose in months

The months will be distorted into days

The days will climb down into hours


The hours into seconds

You barely see that


The man freed by the kinetic rigor

Admires trough the divided world

How on the Earth are wondering

The minotaurus supervised

With three shadows behind


The fear of the multiplication dilates the pupile

The human beings inhibits the state of mind

Pensively of the real birth

In an idea

Immense is the need of love


English version by Diana Botoaca





IOAN BABA (Serbia & Romania)




The poet rides the words like the blacksmith

What shoes only

To those which are not showed by themselves


The strange and bizarre question is

If the blacksmith – Poet

At in him shoed or not


If he’s shoed

I found that he doesn’t belong

From the herd of those who are not shoed


As long as he is not himself shoed

Than he belongs to those from

The crowd


Of those who are not shoed by themselves

Than what am I more than that

Preparing myself the poems

Between the Sense and Nonsense


Strange announcement

And when I say one

And when I say something else

I don’t lie and I don’t lie at all

And so it is


And than why should I stay

For nothing waiting at the queue of shoeing


English version by Diana Botoaca































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