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Poet of Carthage

From the Sahel of Tunisia

Former French teacher Retired

President of the Tunisian and Arab Literary Union

And member of several associations

The author of several poetic books

– In love with the rain

– The autumn of the age

– Roses and thorns

– Whispers of a poet


Love to madness


Because you are my love

I loved you … before my Lord …

I bury my life

With and for your love …

I tell you my best memories

For the sweetness of your lips …

The sweetest whispers

What I quote in your ears

Because you are my life … oh my life!

Oh all my grief, my best wishes

You are a sweet rose

which was offered to me

And from my blood has been removed

In my hands, their buds are explored

For love and tenderness I used it …

And she got used to it …

I revived her … more than face, she turned

My love for you has no end

and if there is an end

Its end is mine

Your misfortune is my misfortune

His torment is my torment

It’s enough for me to love you forever …

Enough me … yes enough

Your love … and my nostalgia …

You are everything … everything in my life

And you are the most beautiful … the most beautiful memories

You are the source of my poetry

You are my pride … You are my life …

You are my moon … until we meet

For us to meet …..

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