Alaa Soliman Egyptian poet

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sadness discernment

by Alaa Soliman Egyptian poet
Translated by / Ashraf Dossoki Ali

Without identification card
On my chest, as a kindergarten child
Sadness Knows me
As a baby sitter who knows all babies
Sadness,associated me every where here and there
Dressing the loneliness
Sometimes,dressing the wisdom
Sadness doesn’t care ether the fresh dream in hungry hands or wine orgasm
In cheerfulness and flowers

sadness is not a choice
it doesn’t care my cry
I leave in the bleak face
sadness without any sign
Knocks my doors
Oh,what is your foolish Discernment!
when it reprimands longing flowers
I sneer at
It disappears
But, when the luck betrays me
It comes willingly
It courted a lot
I glanced at
I spoke to myself
Oh What a courted sadness !


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