Mnouar Smadah

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Mnouar Smadah

Born in 1948 in the city of Nefta, which will remain as a guardian of successive generations and a call for joy and appetite for life. This poet addressed his speech to the people of his people just as Farhat Hached shouted a cry from the depths, expressing what is mixed in his chest, « I love you people. » Because he was a clever figure, he spread his love for the people and changed him to the homeland through his poems. His poems were characterized by strength, enthusiasm and ease of influence in the recipient, especially those published in the newspaper « Liberty » the official tongue of the Free Constitutional Party and the newspaper « Tunisia », which began work in 1950.


Perhaps the ability to improvisate and adapt the language to express the dire social reality was the result of a mixed mix – from a young age added – the general public has spent his youth in the movement between several professions. From 1944 to 1946, he supervised the bakery of his uncle Abdel Nasser al-Khashani in Kairouan and then moved in 1948 to the city of Kef, where he would be influenced by his uncle’s dialogues on literature, art and politics. This friction with the toiling class at an early age enabled him to believe in the necessity of dedicating his poetry to a cause that he believed in and defended. .


He was the owner of the bureau of Dawn of Life (1954), a poet who broke all the restrictions and accepted the literature with passion and his poetry stemmed from the reality of his introspection and people who lived their suffering and understand their simple subjects in every detail. Samadeh combined the simplicity of the commoner with the depth of the poet, so that his customers – as he described them in his 1955 autobiography, which was then 23 years old and covering the first third of his life – “were delighted when the daily and weekly press surprised them… they don’t believe they read in the evening. Literature of those who bought pancakes in the morning ”

Smadah was known for his poetry committed to the cause of independence and put himself on the line of fire through many poems that were famous for the excesses of the colonizer and urges young people to be patient and continue the struggle. This led to his arrest on March 24, 1954, an incident he will immortalize in a poem entitled “Revolution” and the poem “Martyrs of Zaytuna” he organized in prison.

The author of the poem « Paradise usurped » – since the beginning of the fifties – the police pursuit, but a period of production known poetry abundant lost his words to lead the colonist tried to confiscate in vain. Although the colonial government banned the Dawn of Life office on March 8, 1955, the poems were secretly distributed among members of the National Resistance Network.


With Tunisia gaining independence, a new phase in the life of Smadah began, which flourished with great achievement and great independence. He organized a series of poems in which he praised Bourguiba. This was during the first four years of independence, before he discovered that the leader had departed from his principles to proceed with criticism of the regime and the president’s choices, thus moving away from the choir of cheers who participate in the “Akkatiyat”, which is usually in the young republic. Smadah emerged as a ferocious attacker of the regime, which strained the relationship, culminating in the crisis with the publication of the poem « Returning Angel » famous injustice and tyranny in 1960.

“..Akul Petr has been sealed by thefts

Wade reaps but gives them the authorities ”

As well as in the poem « Day of separation » of the Court « Birth of Liberation »

“The party will strengthen and in the people of its great calamities

It is not a ride to achieve the purpose of haram that desecration is haram ”


The 1960s carried the winds of the days of embers, the return of the prosecutions and the tightening of the noose on the author of the poem “The Republic”. But the reality lying on his chest and handcuffed his being prevented to ignore reality has become between the hammer of an existential crisis and the oaks of harassment of the bureaucratic system in which the features of tyranny began to take root gradually. This situation will lead to a severe psychological crisis that has worsened and developed over time to turn into successive nervous breakdowns. In 1972, considered a decisive year in his life, his health exacerbated. He printed many of his books at once and finished his book “Libya in Libyan Literature” before he stopped writing until his death in 1998.

The life of Munawar Samadah was full of events, travel and poetry that documented all these stations not on the level of self, but also for collective memory. In presenting the complete works of Munawar Samadah issued by Beit al-Hikma in 1995, Abderrahim Samadeh emphasized that “the fifties and sixties are years of inspiration and creativity, seventies and eighties are years of ingratitude valance.

The words

When I was young I crawl the words

I was a kid who plays the letters and jokes the words

They were meaningless voices behind the words

I have shaken years have slaughtered by the words

I run dreams and fantasies behind words

Behind the fugitive time are words and words

Whenever I know that I have wronged

I heard people listen to the voice of words

I did not pronounce words

Neither with humor and ignorance will beat the words

I was very painful in the wounds of the words

And I heard people listen to the sound of words

I spoke but the words did not tell him

Neither humor nor ignorance goes into words

I suffered a lot from the wounds of the words

Age has shed tears from the eyes of words

I died several times for words

The breasts of people are the Tombs of words

They crucified and then came and inherited the words

People were the words graves

Take refuge in them .. But where the words

Sold their senses, they died the words

Like dummy dolls do not know the meaning of words

It’s a human melody echoing with words

Your signed by inspiration asks for words

Drunken visions wavered in the word gardens

It’s the spirit of the universe. .. Decorations Flooded by the words

Like a watchful dream through the words

Say what whispers to people and fear words

But you are lips thirsty for words

And a confused call in the voice of words

Destroy silence, can you say a few words

Or fear the people and the prisoner right by the words

Or fear the people and the right taken hostage by the words

An animal does not understand without the words

And plants or inanimate without the words

What do you expect from the world without words?

You are a human being with the messenger of words

Speak and suffered and died in words

If you exist, let it be

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